About WIUI

What Is Up, Indonesia? (WIUI) is an independent media platform that curates Indonesian socio-politics in an accessible manner for internationally-raised Indonesian youths.

Using legislation and other relevant documents, we strive to present fact-based news. May it be in a form of instagram posts, twitter AU, articles, political jargon glossary, political party profiles, and others.

Here in WIUI we use memes, jokes, and pop culture references to talk about politics to make it more approachable and less intimidating.

Our Origin Story

WIUI was first founded in August 2020 as a primer for internationally-raised Indonesian (those who go to an English-speaking school, university abroad, born/raised overseas) who were unfamiliar with the intricacies of Indonesian politics.

Many Indonesians who are educated internationally are not fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, making the country’s political discourse inaccesible through the conventional news. Although English sources are available, most are not beginner-friendly. We hope to bridge this gap through WIUI.

We believe that political literacy for everyone is a crucial part for democracy to flourish.

For the longer version of our story, you can watch our YouTube video.

Our Team

WIUI is founded & run by 2 co-founders (1 inactive now).

The core team consists of 7 writers, 2 professional consultants (a lawyer & former KPK investigator), and 1 meme lord. All voluntary-based.

And of course, our hardcore wuiboos who has collectively helped us build & expand WIUI. Either by connecting us to relevant informants, advising us on various issues, and building our community.

Checkout Wuiboos Corner to see how you can get plugged in to the community!

Support Us

Here’s the thing. There’s only 2 ways for media like us to make money right now: either (1) we sell to you, or (2) we sell you to big corpo (ads). We hate ads as much as the next person, so we opt for the former.

If you love WIUI and would like us to stay independent, fun, sane, and alive, you can support us by subscribing to our Newsletter or tip us to our tip jar or paypal.

Until us kids figure out a more sustainable business model (that don’t involve annoying ads or sus sponsors), we’ll be counting on you!

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