Politics Made You Anxious?

Free counseling for wuiboos, a collaboration with Ibunda.id

“Though some anxiety will inevitably attend the contemplation of our political and existential conundrums, it need not drive us to pathology or despair. One of the challenges of modernity is how to grapple with a growing portfolio of responsibilities without worrying ourselves to death.”

- Steven Pinker

We realize that in our effort to make you more politically aware, we may have also potentially raise your anxiety and pessimism level.

WIUI has made a long-term collaboration with Ibunda.id, a tech-based mental health platform, to provide psychological support for wuiboos.


How will this work?

  • Sign up for a session from the available time slot. After it’s confirmed through email, you can directly chat with Ibunda.id’s peer counselor through the LINE app during your designated time slot.

Who will I talk to?

  • Ibunda.id’s Peer Counselor. They are volunteers with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology with Clinical Psychology concentration, and is currently undergoing training in digital counseling. Due to this, this service cannot be used as a professional diagnosis or treatment.

What can I talk about?

  • Anything! Politics, climate change, friends or family drama, personal problems, etc. But please note that you will be talking to a peer counselor, not licensed therapist. This service cannot be used as a professional diagnosis or treatment.

Will the session be in English or Indonesian?

  • Can be both! Ibunda.id’s peer counselors can speak both English and Indonesian

How can you ensure my privacy?

  • As part of our professional agreement, Ibunda.id will keep everything you shared confidential, even from WIUI. Ibunda won’t be using any information you shared also, your secret’s safe with them!

Is this 100% free fr? What’s the catch?

  • Yes, fr. No catch, no fee, we love you.

Ok but like why?

  • Honestly it started off with WIUI co-founder’s deep concern regarding wuiboos’ mental health after interacting with a lot of them. She realize that learning politics can lead to real anxiety and hopelessness. She shared this concern with Ibunda.id, they got concerned as well and offered this collaboration.

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